Latavio, or Life Nr. 2

Latavio, or Life Nr. 2 (1997)

An omnibus film consisting of ten parts, each directed by a different young director from the Latvian Academy of Culture. The unifying element of the ten shorts is the place where they take place - the airport. A lot can happen there - including a strike by a comet, a malicious attempt to break havoc by passengers, or an exploration of the old airport guard's house where not a lot has changed since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The film consists of the following parts: A Mishap (Nediena) by Arta Biseniece, Blurp (Šļurp) by Aija Bley, Alien Sky (Svešās debesis) by Viesturs Kairišs, 5 Versions (5 versijas) by Dzintars Krūmiņš, Comet (Komēta) by Māra Liniņa, Cleptomania (Kleptomānija) by Andis Mizišs, Alfredo's Poetry (Alfredo dzeja) by Igors Varenieks, Little Hand (Mazā roka) by Ilze Vidauska, Comet 2 (Komēta 2) by Anna Viduleja, and Life No. 2 (Dzīve nr.2) by Kristīne Želve.

  • Lauris Gundars
  • Viesturs Kairišs
  • Andis Mizišs
  • Aija Bley
  • Anna Viduleja
  • Kristīne Želve
  • Māra Liniņa
  • Arta Biseniece
  • Dzintars Krūmiņš
  • Igors Varenieks
  • Ilze Vidauska
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  • Release Date: 1997-06-30
  • Language: en
  • Country: LV
  • Runtime: 95