Don Gabriel

Don Gabriel (1966)

The first Polish film to discuss the failure of September 1939 Polish-German war. We can see it from the point of view of a university intellectual, fascinated by German culture, who decides to take active part in the conflict. Professor Gabriel Tomicki spends the last evening before WW2 breaks out quarreling with his university colleague Professor Dog-Lesniewski about the superiority of German over French culture. He finds German culture fascinating and believes neither in war, nor in Nazi barbarity. When the war begins, he tries to enlist and befriends Florentyna, a nightclub dancer and his neighbour. Gabriel falls in love with her, finally manages to become a soldier and even prove his courage. One day, he meets by chance his university adversary Dog-Lesniewski... —kinoholik

  • Józef Hen
  • Czesław Petelski
  • Ewa Petelska
  • Views: 2
  • Release Date: 1966-09-01
  • Language: Polski
  • Country: PL
  • Runtime: 92