Ramblers 2

Ramblers 2 (2021)

After Kaji, a mutual friend and actor, passed away, the director Kinoshita (Hiroshi Yamamoto), the scriptwriter Tsuboi (Keishi Nagatsuka), and the actor Funaki (Takeshi Yamamoto) leave Tokyo to visit Kaji’s hometown. After attending the wake, the three go bar-hopping at an izakaya (tavern) and hostess bar in a town they’ve never been to, but they cannot find a way to cope with Kaji’s death. The next day, they go to Kaji’s parents’ house and receive, from his younger sister, Junko, a fan letter addressed to him. The letter is from a young Korean girl, and apparently, Kaji read it many times over before he passed away. The news of the death of Kaji, who was not a famous actor even in Japan, had no way of reaching a fan in Korea. The three are left at a loss as to how to tell her the news.

  • Nobuhiro Yamashita
  • Nobuhiro Yamashita
  • Views: 3
  • Release Date: 2021-02-22
  • Language: 日本語
  • Runtime: 31
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