Image of Richard Gam Tin-Chue

Richard Gam Tin-Chue

Shaw brothers actor - appeared in nearly 400 films for the studio, usually as a background character.

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Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
In the movie Mambo Girl 1957-03-06
Latest Project:
Movie Disciples of the 36th Chamber 1985-05-17
Known For
Movie Disciples of the 36th Chamber Servant 1985-05-17
Movie The Young Vagabond Party guest 1985-01-01
Movie Opium and the Kung Fu Master Villager 1984-01-01
Movie Wits of the Brats Stevedore/Waiter 1984-05-24
Movie Long Road to Gallantry Woodcutter 1984-11-29
Movie The Lady Assassin Unknown 1983-01-15
Movie Little Dragon Maiden Martial artist 1983-02-12
Movie The Weird Man Sun Ce's official 1983-01-01
Movie Tales of a Eunuch Brothel patron / Restaurant customer 1983-03-24
Movie Seeding of a Ghost Gambler 1983-12-29
Movie Winners & Sinners Chiu's Party Guest 1983-07-07
Movie Legendary Weapons of China Gentry watching Mo's performance 1982-01-21
Movie House of Traps Prince's birthday guest 1982-01-09
Movie Kid from Kwangtung Servant 1982-02-07
Movie Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman Ghostly Village's resident 1982-05-13
Movie My Rebellious Son Chamber of commerce member 1982-11-26
Movie Buddha's Palm Clan leader 1982-08-20
Movie Return of the Sentimental Swordsman Jinhong's guest 1981-01-31
Movie The Duel of the Century Duel's spectator 1981-01-01
Movie Masked Avengers Inn guest 1981-05-15
Movie My Young Auntie Shopper 1981-01-01
Movie The Sword Stained with Royal Blood Spectator at execution 1981-03-06
Movie Mahjong Heroes Mahjong competition spectator 1981-12-22
Movie Martial Club Watches the lion dance 1981-08-19
Movie The Black Lizard Banquet's guest 1981-11-26
Movie Treasure Hunters Casino gambler 1981-07-09
Movie The Kid with a Tattoo Restaurant customer 1980-06-17
Movie The Young Master VIP at lion dance 1980-02-09
Movie Hex Villager beside pond 1980-07-09
Movie Return to the 36th Chamber Worker 1980-08-24
Movie What Price Honesty? Shopkeeper 1980-12-31
Movie Heroes Shed No Tears Townsfolk 1980-07-24
Movie Two Champions of Shaolin Townsfolk 1980-12-01
Movie Full Moon Scimitar Ding's party guest 1979-01-25
Movie The Shadow Boxing Casino gambler 1979-02-13
Movie The Deadly Breaking Sword Brothel guest 1979-12-04
Movie Shaolin Rescuers Restaurant Owner 1979-03-24
Movie The Proud Twins Martial artist after treasure 1979-07-18
Movie The Mad Monk Strikes Again Rich man/Wedding guest 1978-03-23
Movie The Proud Youth Major clans member 1978-03-30
Movie The Vengeful Beauty Witness at execution 1978-03-11
Movie The 36th Chamber of Shaolin Magistrate/Townsfolk 1978-02-02
Movie Soul of the Sword Innkeeper 1978-04-21
Movie Flying Guillotine II Executed Jiang Nan official 1978-01-19
Movie Clan of Amazons Silk shop boss/Brothel customer 1978-02-19
Movie The Avenging Eagle Innkeeper 1978-09-13
Movie Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre II Wedding guest 1978-10-27
Movie Invincible Shaolin Shopkeeper 1978-11-19
Movie Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre 6 Mighty Clans' member 1978-10-18
Movie Heroes of the East Wedding Guest 1978-12-30
Movie Swordsman and Enchantress Lian Chengbi's guest 1978-08-11
Movie The Five Venoms Townsfolk 1978-08-12
Movie The Cunning Hustler Unknown 1978-07-30
Movie The Naval Commandos Japanese Navy officer 1977-04-10
Movie Death Duel Waiter 1977-07-06
Movie The Mighty Peking Man Man in his kitchen window 1977-08-11
Movie The Dream of the Red Chamber Official Jia's guest 1977-10-26
Movie The Oily Maniac Unknown 1976-09-18
Movie The Magic Blade Restaurant customer 1976-07-10
Movie Mr. Funny Bone Manager Chiu's friend 1976-10-02
Movie The Super Inframan Official at meeting 1975-01-01
Movie Black Magic Wedding guest 1975-10-02
Movie The Spiritual Boxer Chens clan 1975-11-28
Movie Hong Kong 73 Hotel customer 1974-04-24
Movie Scandal District official at meeting 1974-04-12
Movie Rivals of Kung Fu Boss Chou's wedding guest 1974-05-25
Movie Sorrow of the Gentry Wedding guest 1974-07-19
Movie Shaolin Martial Arts Speaker at ceremony at festival 1974-08-03
Movie The Call-Girls Policeman 1973-04-19
Movie The Generation Gap Party guest 1973-04-20
Movie Tales of Larceny 1) Man at festival 2) Bank cashier 1973-01-01
Movie River Of Fury Duo-Bo's guest 1973-05-03
Movie Call to Arms Genera Chung 1973-01-18
Movie The Money-tree Works for Mr. Pi 1973-06-16
Movie The Master of Kung Fu Contest referee 1973-09-12
Movie The Bamboo House of Dolls Japanese cook 1973-12-21
Movie The Pirate Unknown 1973-07-27
Movie The Casino Gambler 1972-03-30
Movie The Young Avenger Villager 1972-04-20
Movie Five Fingers of Death Spectator 1972-04-28
Movie The Merry Wife Teacher 1972-06-08
Movie The Boxer from Shantung Brothel boss 1972-02-11
Movie The Human Goddess Bidder at auction 1972-01-01
Movie The Yellow Muffler Studio executive 1972-01-15
Movie The Water Margin Wrestling spectator 1972-03-17
Movie Fist of Fury Mourner (uncredited) 1972-03-22
Movie The Lizard Party guest 1972-11-01
Movie The Black Tavern Restaurant guest 1972-12-16
Movie The Thunderbolt Fist Gossiper at teahouse 1972-12-30
Movie The Warlord Town mayor 1972-08-17
Movie The Fugitive Bank customer 1972-12-06
Movie Legends of Lust Wedding guest 1972-11-16
Movie The Delightful Forest Wine shop boss 1972-09-20
Movie Flower in the Rain Shop owner 1972-09-22
Movie Stranger in Hong Kong Tourist 1972-10-27
Movie Intrigue in Nylons Executive of Rose Brand 1972-11-11
Movie The Lady Professional Policeman 1971-01-06
Movie Duel for Gold Unknown 1971-06-11
Movie The Long Chase Inn cashier Jin 1971-12-31
Movie The Shadow Whip Unknown 1971-08-06
Movie Guess Who Killed My Twelve Lovers? Coffee shop boss 1970-09-11
Movie The Heroic Ones Town leader at feast 1970-08-14
Movie A Time for Love Shopper 1970-10-16
Movie The Millionaire Chase Nightclub manager 1969-05-20
Movie Tropicana Interlude Nightclub manager 1969-07-09
Movie Unfinished Melody Gambler in flashback 1969-03-13
Movie Dark Rendezvous Horse race visitor 1969-12-11
Movie The Three Smiles Pawn shop owner 1969-09-23
Movie River of Tears Club waiter 1969-11-25
Movie Farewell, My Love Ming's birthday guest 1969-11-14
Movie Hong Kong Rhapsody Manager of one of the actress 1968-01-29
Movie The Angel Strikes Again Nightclub patron 1968-05-29
Movie Death Valley Innkeeper 1968-10-11
Movie Too Late for Love Guest at Liang's wedding 1967-03-29
Movie Moonlight Serenade Villager 1967-04-11
Movie Auntie Lan Office worker 1967-03-02
Movie Sweet Is Revenge Birthday guest 1967-01-01
Movie Angel with the Iron Fists Nightclub patron 1967-01-11
Movie Hong Kong Nocturne Strip show customer 1967-02-07
Movie King Cat Servant 1967-05-11
Movie Madam Slender Plum Party guest 1967-02-23
Movie Susanna Mrs Yu's party guest 1967-10-16
Movie Summons to Death Night club patron 1967-11-23
Movie Asia-Pol Yang 1967-06-22
Movie Song of Tomorrow Drug rehab. hospital principal 1967-10-12
Movie My Dream Boat Reporter 1967-09-27
Movie The Dragon Creek Innkeeper 1967-07-13
Movie Kiss and Kill Thug 1967-08-19
Movie Inter-Pol Casino gambler 1967-08-26
Movie The Black Musketeer [Extra] 1966-03-09
Movie Till the End of Time I-Hua's father 1966-03-15
Movie The Knight of Knights Inspector Lin's guard 1966-05-17
Movie Rose, Be My Love Engagement party guest 1966-09-28
Movie That Man in Chang-An Loyalist 1966-08-30
Movie The Blue and the Black Uncle Shen 1966-06-29
Movie Sons of the Good Earth Unknown 1965-03-19
Movie A Beggar's Daughter Unknown 1965-01-29
Movie Fairy, Ghost, Vixen Unknown 1965-05-27
Movie Pink Tears Minister He 1965-05-27
Movie Inside the Forbidden City General 1965-10-16
Movie Vermilion Door Unknown 1965-08-26
Movie The Lark Restaurant customer 1965-07-28
Movie The Dancing Millionairess Mei's executive 1964-02-12
Movie Between Tears and Smiles General's guest 1964-01-17
Movie The Story of Sue San Brothel worker 1964-09-30
Movie The Warlord and the Actress Party guest 1964-12-22
Movie The Crimson Palm Constable 1964-10-28
Movie Beyond the Great Wall Unknown 1964-11-21
Movie Love Parade Party guest 1963-01-21
Movie The Love Eterne Part of wedding procession 1963-04-02
Movie Empress Wu Court military official 1963-06-23
Movie Three Sinners Onlooker of Jiao's begging 1963-11-23
Movie The Adulteress Constable 1963-08-08
Movie The Bride Napping Wedding guest 1962-03-13
Movie Madam White Snake Celestial soldier 1962-10-02
Movie Beauty Parade Ai Chun's basketball coach #2 1961-02-02
Movie Sun, Moon and Star Teacher 1961-12-08
Movie The Enchanting Shadow Angry inn customer 1960-08-18
Movie The Wild, Wild Rose Nightclub patron 1960-05-09
Movie Back Door Party guest 1960-05-27
Movie Our Dream Car Party guest 1959-02-02
Movie The Kingdom and the Beauty Royal guard 1959-06-29
Movie Spring Song Teacher 1959-02-13
Movie Mambo Girl Man Talking with Li Kai-Ling 1957-03-06
Movie Our Sister Hedy Mr Sun's friend 1957-11-13