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Yeung Chi-Hing

Yeung Chi-Hing (Chinese: 楊志卿, 11 February 1919 - 30 April 1984) was a Hong Kong actor.

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Feb 11, 1919
Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
In the movie Diau Charn 1958-05-28
Latest Project:
Movie Disciples of the 36th Chamber 1985-05-17
Known For
Poster of Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre II
Poster of Black Butterfly
Poster of Rape of the Sword
Poster of The One-Armed Swordsman
Movie Disciples of the 36th Chamber Chief Yang 1985-05-17
Movie Opium and the Kung Fu Master Villager 1984-01-01
Movie New Tales of the Flying Fox Lord Na Lan 1984-04-07
Movie Fast Fingers Superintendant Zheng Qing 1983-01-01
Movie The Lady Assassin Eunuch Wang 1983-01-15
Movie The Enchantress Tian You 1983-01-01
Movie Tales of a Eunuch Lord So Ha To 1983-03-24
Movie Descendant of the Sun Prime Minister 1983-12-16
Movie Men from the Gutter Jian's uncle 1983-10-15
Movie Tiger Killer Magistrate 1982-01-01
Movie Hex After Hex Mr. Liu 1982-01-01
Movie Kid from Kwangtung Magistrate 1982-02-07
Movie The Fake Ghost Catchers Official Gongsun 1982-07-30
Movie Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman Dugu Mei 1982-05-13
Movie Ode to Gallantry Ding Busan 1982-12-16
Movie My Rebellious Son Boss Yeung 1982-11-26
Movie The Duel of the Century Dao Tunghsin 1981-01-01
Movie The Emperor and His Brother No. 3, Zhou 1981-07-19
Movie Challenge of the Gamesters Lao Feng 1981-04-30
Movie Bewitched Lawyer 1981-09-11
Movie The Black Lizard Butler Zhou 1981-11-26
Movie The Convict Killer Inn-keeper Jin 1980-02-27
Movie Disco Bumpkins Fan's father 1980-02-15
Movie Haunted Tales Priest 1980-04-19
Movie Heroes Shed No Tears Ah Gen 1980-07-24
Movie What Price Honesty? Lord Huang, envoy 1980-12-31
Movie Bat without Wings Keeper Feng 1980-12-11
Movie Hex vs. Witchcraft Liu San 1980-11-19
Movie The Scandalous Warlord Generalissimo Feng's father 1979-02-09
Movie Full Moon Scimitar Master Nan Gong 1979-01-25
Movie Shaolin Rescuers Restaurant boss 1979-03-24
Movie The Proud Twins Chi Chuen Hai 1979-07-18
Movie Return of the Dead Mr. Hu 1979-12-21
Movie Murder Plot Wine Master 1979-05-30
Movie The Ghost Story Unknown 1979-05-25
Movie Legend of the Bat Gongsun Jiemin 1978-07-08
Movie The Proud Youth Bingji 1978-03-30
Movie Flying Guillotine II Military Secretary Bao Lao 1978-01-19
Movie The Cunning Hustler Judge 1978-07-30
Movie Clan of Amazons Chang Mantian 1978-02-19
Movie The Avenging Eagle Se Ma Sun 1978-09-13
Movie Swordsman and Enchantress Red Peach 1978-08-11
Movie Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Monk Bo Doh 1978-10-18
Movie Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre II Monk Bo Doh 1978-10-27
Movie The Voyage of Emperor Chien Lung Money Dragon 1978-10-06
Movie Sensual Pleasures Wu Yin Lu 1978-08-25
Movie Fangs of the Cobra Ah Fen's father 1977-07-01
Movie The Adventures of Emperor Chien Lung Emperor Kang Xi 1977-06-03
Movie The Mad Monk Zhang Si-Xi 1977-01-01
Movie Death Duel Chief Yang 1977-07-06
Movie Lady Exterminator Cop 1977-01-20
Movie The Sentimental Swordsman Monk Xin Mei 1977-10-14
Movie Chinatown Kid Restaurant owner Chen 1977-12-02
Movie Pursuit of Vengeance Guo Wei 1977-12-22
Movie Judgement of an Assassin Chief Jin Te Tien 1977-08-20
Movie The Criminals, Part 5: The Teenager's Nightmare Sergeant Liang 1977-11-11
Movie The Call Girls Inspector Yeung 1977-10-29
Movie The Last Tempest Minister Xu Tong 1976-02-21
Movie Heroes of the Underground Yu Da-Ji 1976-01-27
Movie Killer Clans Lu Man Tien, Navigator of Lung Men Soc 1976-03-19
Movie Big Bad Sis Boss Wong 1976-10-07
Movie The Dragon Missile Herbalist Tan 1976-04-24
Movie Black Magic Part II White Magican 1976-12-09
Movie The Criminals, Part 2: Homicides Situ's Lawyer 1976-08-13
Movie Lady of the Law Chief Chen Huatang 1975-06-07
Movie Night of the Devil Bride East Street's Master Cui 1975-03-15
Movie That's Adultery! Master 1975-01-01
Movie Queen Hustler 1975-01-23
Movie Big Brother Cheng 1975-07-16
Movie The Empress Dowager Official Hsu Tung 1975-07-23
Movie Shantung Man in Hong Kong 1975-11-13
Movie Cuties Parade 1975-12-24
Movie The Bloody Escape Old Zhong 1975-10-25
Movie The Tea House Fa Ta-Chu 1974-10-19
Movie Kidnap Sung Liang Tsai 1974-11-28
Movie The Rat Catcher Mr. Fang 1974-12-19
Movie Ambush Chief Fan Zhi Long 1973-01-05
Movie Call to Arms Su Song 1973-01-18
Movie River Of Fury Boss Wang 1973-05-03
Movie The Generation Gap Xin Zhen-Qiang 1973-04-20
Movie Finger of Doom Chang Kung Chin 1972-04-14
Movie Pursuit Commander Kao 1972-01-06
Movie The 14 Amazons Minister Kou Chun 1972-07-27
Movie The Yellow Muffler Dr Fong Yu 1972-01-15
Movie The Killer Teacher Chao 1972-08-01
Movie The Lizard Yo Tien Biao 1972-11-01
Movie The Black Tavern Official Hai Gangfeng 1972-12-16
Movie The Night Is Young 1971-01-01
Movie The Drinking Knight Unknown 1971-01-01
Movie The Anonymous Heroes Commander Wang 1971-07-24
Movie The Eunuch Man Gongsun 1971-05-12
Movie Duel of Fists Retired fighter drunkard 1971-10-01
Movie Ripples Ah Hsiang's uncle 1970-01-08
Movie A Place to Call Home Old Sai 1970-04-11
Movie The Twelve Gold Medallions Smiling Fox Sung Qi Cheng 1970-01-07
Movie Vengeance! Jin Zhi Quan 1970-05-14
Movie The Singing Killer Jeweller Tse 1970-12-22
Movie Swordswomen Three Hsu Mu-Liang 1970-08-05
Movie Temptress of a Thousand Faces Inspector 1969-04-10
Movie Killers Five Duke Cao Guo Wei 1969-02-14
Movie The Flying Dagger Flying Dagger Jiao Lei 1969-06-18
Movie Raw Courage Mo Wentian 1969-08-13
Movie River of Tears Lin Laoer 1969-11-25
Movie The Golden Sword Keeper Pang 1969-10-15
Movie The Swordmates Iron Claws Wang Ying 1969-10-08
Movie Hong Kong Rhapsody Lin Chin Fu 1968-01-29
Movie Forever and Ever Abbot 1968-01-20
Movie Black Butterfly Drunken Beggar/Loong San Fong 1968-03-06
Movie The Sword of Swords Lin Han 1968-08-23
Movie Golden Swallow Poison Dragon Wang Xiong 1968-04-03
Movie The Jade Raksha Master Yan Tian Long 1968-11-14
Movie The Bells of Death Wei Fu's sifu 1968-06-30
Movie The Dragon Creek Master Yao Hong Fu 1967-07-13
Movie The One-Armed Swordsman Long Armed Devil 1967-07-26
Movie King Cat Lu Fang, Skyward Mouse 1967-05-11
Movie Madam Slender Plum Li Da Peng 1967-02-23
Movie The Pearl Phoenix Master Huo 1967-02-04
Movie Moonlight Serenade Mr Wei 1967-04-11
Movie The Silent Swordsman Chief Hong Zhong 1967-09-13
Movie Lady Jade Locket Monk Yuen Kwok 1967-12-09
Movie The Midnight Murder Magistrate Zhao Zhong 1967-09-05
Movie Rape of the Sword Master Liu 1967-11-08
Movie Trapeze Girl Circus chief 1967-10-25
Movie Operation Lipstick Qiu Tian-Wei 1967-09-17
Movie Susanna Grandpa Lin 1967-10-16
Movie Come Drink with Me Abbot Liao Kung 1966-04-07
Movie The Joy of Spring Mr. Chen 1966-12-21
Movie The Perfumed Arrow Master Wen 1966-11-23
Movie The Lotus Lamp God of Thunder 1965-07-07
Movie The Grand Substitution Kun Zun 1965-04-14
Movie The Mermaid Prime Minister Chin Chong 1965-01-29
Movie Vermilion Door Adjutant Ji Xiao-Xiong 1965-08-26
Movie Squadron 77 Mr. Chen 1965-12-02
Movie Inside the Forbidden City Emperor's Brother 1965-10-16
Movie The West Chamber Abbot of Pu Jiu Temple 1965-11-10
Movie Call of the Sea Old Hu 1965-10-30
Movie Comedy of Mismatches Weiliang's father 1964-05-14
Movie The Coin Liang Yu Nung 1964-03-24
Movie Lady General Hua Mulan Hua Hu 1964-06-15
Movie The Last Woman of Shang Imperial Mentor Bi Gan 1964-09-12
Movie The Shepherd Girl Old Man Gu 1964-07-15
Movie The Story of Sue San Master Shen Yen-Ling 1964-09-30
Movie The Love Eterne Teacher 1963-04-02
Movie Empress Wu Minister Chu Jui Liang 1963-06-23
Movie Bitter Sweet 1963-07-10
Movie Lady with the Lute Unknown 1963-10-10
Movie The Adulteress Magistrate Liu Xi-Tong 1963-08-08
Movie The Dream of the Red Chamber 1st Master 1962-08-02
Movie The Magnificent Concubine Prime Minister Yang Guo Zhong 1962-05-31
Movie Madam White Snake Abbot Fa Hai 1962-10-02
Movie The Mid-Nightmare Unknown 1962-12-20
Movie The Swallow Thief Chiang Shou-shan 1961-04-25
Movie Love Without End Tang's Father 1961-10-12
Movie The Deformed Ling Kuo-Hwa 1960-02-19
Movie The Enchanting Shadow Yan Chixia 1960-08-18
Movie The Kingdom and the Beauty Ta Feng's Brother 1959-06-29
Movie Diau Charn Minister Wang Yun 1958-05-28