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Eitarō Shindō

Eitarō Shindō (1899–1977) was a Japanese film actor. He appeared in 93 films between 1936 and 1966.

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Nov 10, 1899 In Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
In the movie Osaka Elegy 1936-05-28
Latest Project:
Movie Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director 1975-05-24
Known For
Poster of The Kingdom of Jirocho 3
Poster of The Man of Seven Faces
Poster of Men in a Rough Town
Poster of Miniature
Movie Kenji Mizoguchi: The Life of a Film Director Unknown 1975-05-24
Movie Rebellion of Japan 1967-01-14
Movie Monsieur Zivaco President Oike 1967-10-28
Movie The Actress vs. the Greedy Sharks Sir Doi 1966-01-26
Movie A Smell of Money 1965-12-05
Movie Nippon Ichi no Goma Suri Otoko 1965-05-29
Movie The Kingdom of Jirocho 3 Unknown 1964-02-08
Movie Warrior of the Wind Unknown 1964-01-15
Movie Raised in a Palace Chiyomatsu 1964-09-23
Movie Revenge Unknown 1964-11-01
Movie Young Lord Yakuza Unknown 1963-09-21
Movie Tattoo of Love 1963-02-10
Movie Kyu-chan, Draw Your Sword 1963-08-31
Movie Gang Loyalty and Vengeance Horibe 1963-10-20
Movie A House in the Quarter Unknown 1963-11-01
Movie The Bandits 1962-05-27
Movie The Ambitious Youth Hikozo Okubo 1962-06-03
Movie Pleasant Company Unknown 1962-03-07
Movie Case of Umon: Red Lizard Unknown 1962-07-29
Movie Tales of President Mito Kohei Mito 1962-04-04
Movie The Body 1962-11-08
Movie The Sentencer Unknown 1962-08-04
Movie Showdown at Lightning Pass Unknown 1962-10-27
Movie Tengu Priest Unknown 1962-11-02
Movie Lion Festival of Echigo 1962-09-30
Movie Hibari the Traveling Performer Unknown 1962-08-12
Movie Festival of Swordsmen 1961-03-21
Movie The Ako Retainers 1961-03-28
Movie The Shogun and the Fishmonger 1961-01-03
Movie Magistrate of Dice 1961-04-18
Movie Hell's Juggler 1961-01-15
Movie Case of Umon: The Nanbanzame Murders 1961-01-15
Movie Tale of a Company Boss 3 Chojiro Shimizu 1961-11-01
Movie Tale of a Company Boss Chojiro Shimizu 1961-05-21
Movie Travels of Gonkuro Unknown 1961-12-06
Movie The Conspirator Unknown 1961-11-08
Movie Boss Takes to the Road Chojiro Shimizu 1961-09-23
Movie Case of Umon: Woman of the Magic Lantern 1961-08-01
Movie Official with a Tattoo Sarako Jubei 1960-03-15
Movie Case of Umon: Hell’s Windmill 1960-03-01
Movie Road of Chivalry 1960-01-03
Movie The Man of Seven Faces Shuhei Hoshimura 1960-04-26
Movie The Second Bullet is Marked 1960-01-27
Movie Unwieldy Brothers Yamaji Saemon 1960-06-05
Movie Hanjiro of Kusama: Bird of Passage 1960-05-29
Movie Scarier than the Devil Unknown 1960-11-22
Movie The Prickly Mouthed Geisha, Part 3 Unknown 1960-08-07
Movie The Pirates Unknown 1960-09-18
Movie The Man Who Came to Shimizu Harbor Unknown 1960-07-30
Movie Turbulent Highways 1959-03-25
Movie One-eyed Wolf Unknown 1959-03-03
Movie The Unleashed Lord 1959-02-10
Movie Men in a Rough Town 1959-01-28
Movie The Acrobats of Death 1959-06-02
Movie Lucky Adventurer Oda Nobunaga 1959-10-25
Movie Gentle Breeze Unknown 1959-07-07
Movie An Actor's Revenge 1959-12-25
Movie Isshin Tasuke: A Man Among Men Unknown 1959-11-29
Movie A Spectacular Showdown 1959-08-09
Movie Chikamatsu's Love in Osaka 1959-09-13
Movie Wind, Woman and Road 1958-04-14
Movie Man of Thirteen Eyes 1958-01-15
Movie The Sword Knows Unknown 1958-09-03
Movie Secret of the Golden Coin 1958-11-19
Movie Case of a Young Lord 7: Red Crane House Unknown 1958-12-15
Movie Fighting Disposition 1958-12-27
Movie Lords of Oppression 2 1957-03-27
Movie Rebellion 1957-04-30
Movie Pirates Magistrate 1957-02-25
Movie Shimizu Port of Chivalry Kyuroku 1957-01-01
Movie Lords of Oppression 1957-03-13
Movie Temple of Revenge 1957-06-25
Movie Lord Mito 1957-08-11
Movie Falcon Magistrate 1957-11-17
Movie Travel Romances 1957-11-10
Movie Shadow Over Fuji Hakuten 1957-10-29
Movie Three Women Around Yoshinaka Unknown 1956-01-15
Movie Ancient Coins Unknown 1956-08-29
Movie Street of Shame Kurazô Taya 1956-03-18
Movie Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji pilgrim 1955-02-27
Movie Four Swordsmen of Ashura 1955-04-26
Movie A Gang of Five Hamamatsu-ya Kobei 1955-01-15
Movie The Roar of The Lion 1955-11-08
Movie Princess Yang Kwei Fei Kao Li-hsi 1955-05-03
Movie Witness Without a Figure Heijirô Gondô 1955-09-28
Movie Taira Clan Saga Banboku 1955-09-21
Movie The Bloody Cherry Blossom Magistrate 1954-03-17
Movie Sansho the Bailiff Sanshô dayû 1954-03-31
Movie Woman of Rumor Yasuichi Harada 1954-06-20
Movie The Black Current 1954-08-31
Movie The Crucified Lovers Ishun 1954-11-23
Movie Merciless Blade 1953-04-23
Movie Miniature 1953-04-01
Movie Merciless Blade Part 2 Unknown 1953-06-03
Movie Yokubo 1953-05-13
Movie Merciless Blade Part 3 Unknown 1953-06-17
Movie A Geisha 1953-08-12
Movie One-Eyed Detective Takayuki Okabe 1953-08-10
Movie Onna no issho Unknown 1953-11-23
Movie Ghost Story: Passion in Fukagawa Unknown 1952-01-01
Movie Shimizu no Jirocho den Unknown 1952-09-25
Movie The Life of Oharu Kahe Sasaya 1952-04-17
Movie A Tale of Genji Minister of the Right 1951-06-11
Movie Clothes of Deception Unknown 1951-01-13
Movie The Killing of Otsuya Tokubei 1951-02-17
Movie Weeping Doll Unknown 1951-05-19
Movie Miss Oyu Kusaemon 1951-06-22
Movie The Lady of Musashino Shinzaburo Miyaji 1951-09-14
Movie Tales of a Drifter 1951-08-10
Movie The Tattooed Magistrate: Cherry Blossoms Dance Volume Unknown 1950-04-14
Movie The Tattooed Magistrate: Fallen Flowers Showdown Volume Unknown 1950-04-23
Movie Conduct Report on Professor Ishinaka 1950-01-22
Movie Jiruba no Tetsu Unknown 1950-08-12
Movie Battle of Roses Unknown 1950-10-28
Movie Fencing Master Unknown 1950-08-26
Movie Rinchi Hizakura 1949-01-01
Movie Jakoman and Tetsu Kyubei 1949-07-11
Movie Drunken Angel Takahama 1948-04-27
Movie Joyu Dr. Okubo 1947-12-29
Movie A Descendant of Urashima Taro 1946-03-28
Movie Duel at Yagyu Valley Kijin Juzaemon 1945-05-17
Movie The Way of Drama Unknown 1944-05-11
Movie My Nightingale Tatsumi 1944-03-24
Movie The Opium War Unknown 1943-01-14
Movie World of Love 1943-04-14
Movie Ongaku dai-shingun Director 1943-03-18
Movie Onna keizu Sakata 1942-06-11
Movie Mother Never Dies 1942-09-24
Movie Wings of Victory 1942-10-14
Movie Battle of Hawaii Kurimoto 1942-12-02
Movie The Man Who Disappeared Yesterday Unknown 1941-01-09
Movie Awa no odoriko 1941-05-21
Movie Subarashiki kinko Unknown 1941-06-25
Movie The Battle of Kawanakajima Samanosuke Karasaki 1941-11-30
Movie Flowers Blooming In the Storm Unknown 1940-07-03
Movie Oath on the Burning Sands 1940-12-25
Movie Old Sweet Song 1939-02-01
Movie Entatsu, Achako and Torazo: Chuji Kunisada's First Smile of the New Year Unknown 1939-12-29
Movie Nangoku taiheiki Maki Chutaro 1937-08-11
Movie Osaka Elegy Yoshizo Fujino 1936-05-28
Movie Sisters of the Gion Kudo, the drygoods merchant 1936-10-15