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Rinichi Yamamoto

Yamamoto Rinichi (Yamamoto Rinichi, January 16, 1927 - October 16, 1980) is an actor in Japan. Born from Asahikawa city, Hokkaido. Nickname is Yamrin (Yamarin). From Wikipedia (ja), the free encyclopedia

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Jan 16, 1927 In Asahikawa, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan
Movie/TV Credits:
First Appeared:
In the movie Foul Play 1955-01-03
Latest Project:
Movie Barefoot Gen Part 3: Battle of Hiroshima 1980-07-05
Known For
Poster of Kogarashi Monjiro 2: Secret of Monjiro's Birth
Poster of Tale of Japanese Burglars
Poster of The Great Duel
Poster of Police Precinct Part 8
Movie Barefoot Gen Part 3: Battle of Hiroshima Unknown 1980-07-05
Movie Devil's Flute Jusuke Mega 1979-01-20
Movie The Adventures of Kosuke Kindaichi Yukichi Mori (an old man in a retirement home) 1979-07-14
Movie The Execution Game Unknown 1979-11-17
Movie Winter's Flower Unknown 1978-06-17
Movie Bandits vs. Samurai Squadron Shôzaemon 1978-07-01
Movie The Visitor in the Eye Detective Tawashi 1977-11-26
Movie Sugata Sanshiro Wholesaler 1977-10-29
Movie The Machine Gun Dragon Unknown 1976-02-28
Movie New Battles Without Honor and Humanity 3: Last Days of the Boss Unknown 1976-04-24
Movie The School of Chaos Unknown 1976-09-15
Movie New Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion Unknown 1976-11-17
Movie The Rugby Star Unknown 1976-05-15
Movie Great Jailbreak Unknown 1975-04-05
Movie The Return of Sister Street Fighter Wang Long-Ming 1975-09-30
Movie The Tattooed Hitman Unknown 1974-04-27
Movie Jeans Blues: No Future Unknown 1974-03-30
Movie The Street Fighter Kowloon Dingsau 1974-02-02
Movie Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance Inspector Maruyama 1974-06-15
Movie Third Generation Boss Unknown 1974-08-10
Movie Lupin the Third: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy Genkurobei 1974-08-03
Movie Father of the Kamikaze Unknown 1974-09-14
Movie The Four Roughnecks Unknown 1974-11-22
Movie The Hard Core Criminal Unknown 1973-05-12
Movie Battles Without Honor and Humanity Unknown 1973-01-13
Movie Quarreling with Yakuza Unknown 1973-03-03
Movie The Bodyguard Unknown 1973-06-30
Movie Japan's Top Gangster Unknown 1973-08-11
Movie Stray Dog Unknown 1973-09-29
Movie Yokosuka Navy Prison Unknown 1973-11-17
Movie Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Proxy War Teruo Miyaji 1973-09-25
Movie Organized Crime: Killer's Glory Unknown 1972-05-27
Movie Modern Lady Gambler Unknown 1972-05-26
Movie Lullaby for a Tough Guy Unknown 1972-01-01
Movie Withered Tree, the Adventures of Monjiro Shukichi 1972-06-21
Movie Yakuza Skirmishes Unknown 1972-09-29
Movie Contemporary Tales of Chivalry: The Traitor Shall Die Unknown 1972-12-30
Movie New Abashiri Prison Story: Honor and Humanity, Ammunition That Attracts the Storm Unknown 1972-08-12
Movie Kogarashi Monjiro 2: Secret of Monjiro's Birth Kinzo of Imaichi 1972-09-14
Movie Bloodiest Flower Unknown 1971-04-03
Movie Sympathy for the Underdog Haderuma 1971-01-12
Movie The Gambler's Counterattack Unknown 1971-01-01
Movie The Killer Unknown 1971-05-05
Movie Dagger Unknown 1971-04-28
Movie Follow the Girls Detective Yamabe 1971-05-19
Movie New Prison Walls of Abashiri: Snowbound Deserter Unknown 1971-12-29
Movie New Prison Walls of Abashiri: Stormy Cape Unknown 1971-08-13
Movie Expelled from the Kanto Mob Unknown 1971-07-03
Movie Patience Has An End Unknown 1971-06-25
Movie Rise and Fall of Chivalry Unknown 1970-02-21
Movie Born Fighter Otaguro 1970-02-21
Movie Brave Red Flower of the North Unknown 1970-01-09
Movie Brutal Tales of Chivalry 7: Hell Is a Man's Destiny Unknown 1970-01-01
Movie Wolves of the City, Money Hunters Unknown 1970-04-18
Movie A Wad of Notes Toramatsu 1970-01-02
Movie High-School Outcasts Teacher Mayama 1970-12-16
Movie A Kamikaze Cop Okura 1970-05-23
Movie New Prison Walls of Abashiri: Stray Wolf in Snow Unknown 1970-12-30
Movie New Prison Walls of Abashiri: High Stakes at Abashiri Unknown 1970-08-14
Movie The Last Kamikaze Unknown 1970-10-29
Movie A Lively Geisha Unknown 1970-08-01
Movie Japan's Violent Gangs: Degenerate Boss Unknown 1970-06-20
Movie The Domain: Flower and Dragon Rinsuke 1969-05-31
Movie Brutal Tales of Chivalry 5: Man With The Karajishi Tattoo Minegishi Ryuhei 1969-03-06
Movie Prison Break Unknown 1969-01-01
Movie Red Peony Gambler: Flower Cards Game Kenzo Kitamura 1969-02-01
Movie Japan Organised Crime Boss Unknown 1969-04-17
Movie A Gambler's Certain Death Unknown 1969-09-06
Movie New Prison Walls of Abashiri: The Vagrant Comes to a Port Town Unknown 1969-12-27
Movie Team of Ruffians Unknown 1969-09-19
Movie The Biggest Gamble Unknown 1969-09-14
Movie Ninja's Mark Ikada Oriemon 1968-01-27
Movie The Marked Man Unknown 1968-05-01
Movie Gambler's Farewell Unknown 1968-02-09
Movie The Bandits Teruo Hamada 1968-05-21
Movie The Cheating Underworld Kentarô Taguma 1968-08-14
Movie New Prison Walls of Abashiri Unknown 1968-12-28
Movie The Chivalrous Life Unknown 1967-05-30
Movie Once and For All Unknown 1967-05-20
Movie Classmates Ônuma 1967-06-03
Movie Organized Violence II Detective Nakanishi 1967-06-29
Movie Parole Nakao 1967-10-21
Movie A Story from Abashiri Prison—Duel in Snow Storm Tatsu 1967-12-23
Movie Seven Fugitives Unknown 1966-01-01
Movie The Domain: Kanda Festival Showdown Unknown 1966-02-03
Movie Rub Out the Past Shunzo Tokitsu 1966-08-26
Movie The Bullet and the Horse Unknown 1966-04-23
Movie Seven Gamblers Unknown 1966-07-09
Movie Tale of Japanese Burglars Unknown 1965-05-01
Movie Lord Tokugawa Ieyasu Unknown 1965-01-03
Movie A Fugitive from the Past Priest 1965-01-15
Movie Blood of Revenge Unknown 1965-05-05
Movie Prison Walls of Abashiri 4 Unknown 1965-12-31
Movie Brutal Tales of Chivalry Unknown 1965-10-01
Movie The Great Duel Unknown 1964-06-03
Movie Storm Party Unknown 1964-10-21
Movie Prison Gambler Hayashida 1964-10-21
Movie Revenge Unknown 1964-11-01
Movie The Big Boss Unknown 1963-04-12
Movie Life of Hishakaku Unknown 1963-03-16
Movie Life of Hishakaku 2 Unknown 1963-05-25
Movie League of Gangsters Kusunoki 1963-07-31
Movie Gang Loyalty and Vengeance Unknown 1963-10-20
Movie All Rascals Unknown 1962-03-21
Movie The Challenge Unknown 1962-03-28
Movie The Escape Unknown 1962-03-14
Movie The Mad Fox Unknown 1962-05-01
Movie Miyamoto Musashi: Showdown at Hannyazaka Heights Priest Agon 1962-11-17
Movie Revenge for His Lover Unknown 1962-11-11
Movie Hell's Juggler Unknown 1961-01-15
Movie Invasion of the Neptune Men Unknown 1961-01-01
Movie A Fishwife's Tale Unknown 1961-05-31
Movie Officer Morgan and a Man of Mystery Unknown 1961-08-13
Movie Flower, Storm and Gangster 'Capone' 1961-06-23
Movie Devil's Nursery Rhyme Kuribayashi 1961-11-15
Movie The Man of Seven Faces Detective Sato 1960-04-26
Movie Men in a Rough Town Unknown 1959-01-28
Movie Moonlight Mask – The Monster Gorilla Unknown 1959-04-01
Movie Police Precinct Part 8 Unknown 1958-06-22
Movie Police Precinct Part 7 Unknown 1958-06-10
Movie Moonlight Mask Unknown 1958-07-30
Movie Detective Duel Unknown 1958-08-06
Movie Moonlight Mask – Duel to the Death in Dangerous Waters Unknown 1958-08-06
Movie Employee Full of Fight Nomoto 1957-03-13
Movie Police Precinct: Crime at High Noon Unknown 1957-02-19
Movie Police Precinct Part 5 Detective Kaneko 1957-08-28
Movie The Eleventh Hour Unknown 1957-11-24
Movie Police Precinct: The Pickpocket Killer Unknown 1957-12-22
Movie Police Precinct Part 2 Detective Kaneko 1956-03-08
Movie Police Precinct Unknown 1956-02-18
Movie Three-Headed Tower Unknown 1956-04-25
Movie Excursion to Treasure Isle Unknown 1956-07-20
Movie Police Precinct: The Left-Handed Killer Detective Kaneko 1956-12-11
Movie Foul Play Date 1955-01-03
Movie Murder on The Last Train Unknown 1955-06-21