O Beijo do Vampiro

O Beijo do Vampiro (2002)

The struggling Lívia despairs when she learns that her husband, before dying, lost a fortune in shady deals. Widowed and with three children, she is forced to fight for her family and leaves for the paradisiacal beach town of Maramores, where her mother Zoroastra lives. Parallel to the difficulties, Lívia discovers that she is involved in the eternal struggle of Good against Evil. In fact, Lívia is the reincarnation of Princess Cecília, the eternal passion of the vampire Bóris Vladescu, who has been pursuing her for centuries. The two met in 7th century Europe, when Bóris disputed the princess's love with Count Rogério. Nowadays, Rogério was Beto, Lívia's husband, and the two times he faced Boris, his arch-enemy, he took the worst. Boris is in Maramores to get Cecilia, his immortal beloved. Or rather, Livia, who raises the boy Zeca, who she doesn't even suspect is actually a half-vampire, son of Boris. The vampire is willing to prepare his son to take his place, but Zeca is reluctant to accept his condition, much to his father's despair. With Bóris comes a legion of vampires willing to terrorize the residents of the peaceful city. Among them, the splendid Mina, his wife, and the gallant Victor, who involves the sweet Ciça in a game of seduction. Vampires are closely watched by the flustered Galileo Van Burger, a vampire hunter who failed to prevent his wacky son Bartô from being bitten. Who also keeps an eye on the vampires is the mystical Zoroastra, mother of Lívia, a modern witch, who owns the main inn in Maramores. And the mysterious Ezekiel, in reality an angel who came down to Earth to protect Lívia and Zeca from the evil that persecutes them. Engineer Rodrigo also arrives in the city, followed by his ex-girlfriend Lara. The two are the first victims of vampires. Lara is bitten by Victor and becomes an evil vampire, due to her bad temper. Rodrigo is bitten by Mina, who becomes pregnant and is expecting a daughter from him, which she says is from Boris. Meanwhile, Rodrigo is used by Boris to approach Lívia. Who does not like this involvement is Augusto, a friend of Lívia who has loved her in the past. Augusto is a widower who raises his small children with the help of sister-in-law Marta, a blind woman, but bitter and Machiavellian, who does everything to keep him from Lívia, because she loves him.

  • Antônio Calmon
  • Álvaro Ramos
Seasons: 1
themoviedb icon 6.5/10
  • Views: 1
  • Release Date: 2002-08-26
  • Language: Português
  • Country: BR
  • Runtime: 50

Alexandre Borges

Rodrigo Matos

Guilherme Piva

Monstro do Espelho / Rodolfo Roberto

Sérgio Menezes

Dr. Carlos Delgado

Íris Bruzzi

Mirtes Graciano

Rosane Gofman

Drª. Petra Van Pretta

Flávia Alessandra

Lívia Gonçalves / Princesa Cecília de Alencastro (1ª fase)

Maria Gladys

Maria da Graça "Gracinha"

Marco Ricca

Augusto dos Anjos

Deborah Secco

Lara Assis

Bianca Castanho

Cícera Cabral "Ciça"

Ana Rosa

Telma Cabral / Iolanda Cabral Van Burger

Tato Gabus Mendes

Bartolomeu Van Burger "Bartô"

Tarcísio Meira

Duque Bóris Vladescu / Igor Pivomar

Eloísa Mafalda

Carmem Graciano

Júlia Lemmertz

Marta Brummer "Marta Morta"

Luis Gustavo

Galileu Van Burger

Tony Tornado

Pedro Delgado "Godzilla"

Cláudia Raia

Mina D'Montmatre

Kayky Brito

José Carlos Gonçalves "Zeca"

Cecília Dassi

Beatriz Brummer dos Anjos "Bia"

Gabriel Braga Nunes

Victor Victório

Mário Frias

Roger Rocha

Glória Menezes

Zoroastra Marques

Eduardo Galvão

Armando Bananeiras

Celso Bernini

André Bananeiras Barata "Baratão"

Thiago Farias

Renato Pires / Renato Marques

Mário Schoemberger

Rômulo Antunes "Professor Antunes"

Guilherme Vieira

Roberto Gonçalves Júnior "Juninho"

Bernardo Castro Alves

Guilherme Brummer dos Anjos "Gui"
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