The Runner

The Runner (2020)

Online media editor Ho Ka Yan is ordered to approach the athletics club to find some dirt on them. It's there that she becomes acquainted with running coach Yuen Lik. Due to past regrets, Yuen Lik avoids forming personal relationships with others but gradually grows closer to Ho Ka Yan because of their interactions. Kwok Wong Po's daughter Kwok Pui Yee has taken the initiative to join the club for her own reasons while her dad comes to sponsor the club. Yuen Lik's good friend Lai Shun Fan has entrusted his son to Yuen Lik. It is also revealed that Shun Fan and Ka Yan have a past. At a time when Shun Fan is on the verge of giving up due to his illness, Yuen Lik becomes determined to help his friend get back on his feet. At the same time, Yuen Lik reexamines his life as he decides to step onto the running track once more.

  • Wong Wai-sing
Seasons: 1
  • Views: 2
  • Release Date: 2020-11-16
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話
  • Country: HK
  • Runtime: 42
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