The Mysterious Play: Eikoden

The Mysterious Play: Eikoden: Season 1, Episode 1

Three years after Miaka and Taka's adventures ended in the Universe of the Four Gods, the book has opened again. Now married with a baby on the way, Miaka and Taka are settling into their new lives. However Mayo Sakaki, a high school student infatuated with Taka, has found the Universe of the Four Gods. After opening it, Mayo is drawn into the book to become the new Priestess of Suzaku while Miaka collapses into a coma in the real world. At the hospital, the doctors find no trace of Miaka's unborn baby, as if she was never pregnant to begin with! Taka now must return to the world of the book to save his family, and all that reside within, from an unknown menace.

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  • Release Date: 2001-12-21
  • Language: English | 日本語