My Favorite Martian

My Favorite Martian: Season 1, Episode 13

The O'Hara's have new neighbors, the Richmonds, within the family being young Stevie and his grown up sister Jennifer. The foursome go on a picnic to Sunset Mountain, since Martin needs to pick up some bling, an alloy located there but that has not yet been discovered by humans. Stevie has a vivid imagination and likes to pretend he's from Mars, which intrigues Martin. That's OK with Tim, as that means he can spend time with Jennifer alone. However Jennifer is concerned with Stevie's ability to discern reality from fantasy. While Martin goes off to collect his bling, Stevie plays a game of pretend and climbs up the mountain, but reality hits when he can't get down on his own. Martin suggests that Tim climb up and get Stevie as an act of heroism, but Tim is afraid of heights. Martin reassures Tim that he will be safe with the assistance of his remote control gravitation machine. Tim bounds up the mountain, but doesn't know that Martin's machine breaks while he's half way up. Tim and Stevie have a couple of close calls, which Tim thinks is Martin just trying to be dramatic. Although Tim faints when he finds out the truth about the gravitation machine, he shows that one just needs to have a little faith to accomplish mountains.

  • John L. Greene
Seasons: 1 2 3
themoviedb icon 6.1/10
  • Views: 57
  • Release Date: 1963-09-29
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 30