Run, Buddy, Run

Run, Buddy, Run: Season 1, Episode 4

At the Devere Enterprises skyscraper in New York, Mr. D. announces a new plan to get Buddy Overstreet. Over his closed-circuit TV broadcasts, he announces an incentive program: great prizes like a color TV and a trip to Hawaii for the employee who finds Buddy Overstreet. Meanwhile, in Kansas, Buddy has fallen asleep on the back of a farm truck he'd snuck on. The owner of the truck and the farm, Carl Jensen, says he could use a farmhand. Buddy, seeing a sign that says ""Strawberry"" picks the pseudonym Berry Straw for this week. Livening the plot is Carl's 24-year-old granddaughter Betsy, who is a bit of a tomboy. Betsy and Buddy do the farm chores together: when they are bailing hay, Buddy's pitchfork slips out of his hands and punctures the tractor's tire; when they carry crates, Buddy isn't strong enough to lift his onto the truck, and Betsy has to do it for him; when they are chopping firewood, Buddy's axe gets stuck in the log. The Jensen's former farmhand, Ben Pearson (about 6'

  • Leonard B. Stern
Seasons: 1
  • Views: 17
  • Release Date: 1966-09-12
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 30