Jeopardy: Season 1, Episode 2

Sarah bursts into the tent and tells the others that she has seen a UFO. The others don't believe her, so she says she'll show them the recording she filmed. When she rewinds the video she discovers that she has accidentally taped over it. The next day they are split up into groups. Lucy and Sarah go and dig some toilet holes for the campers. Melissa, Leon and David go and try to find some water. They find a river and they notice an abandon canoe, which they find some backpacks and a newspaper dating ten years back,open to an article on a UFO sighting in the area. Meanwhile Simon and Chrissie go and set up the monitoring equipment. On their way back they notice a mound a believe it is an aboriginal tombstone. Back at the camp Gerry tells Shona and Harry what got him interested in UFOs. When the others come back Simon and Chrissie tells them about the tomb stone. The others want to see it. When they arrive Melissa tells them it only a magnetic termite mound. Later Simon leaves his boats

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  • Release Date: 2002-04-26
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 25