Jeopardy: Season 1, Episode 9

Harry recovers and tells Lucy that he suffers from epilepsy and left his medicine back in Scotland, so he can be stronger like the other guys. Dingos invade the camp and Shona and Leon take refuge in a tree. The dingos start acting weirdly when Shona cuts her leg and it bleeds. Shona and Leon blow their whistles and scares the dingos away. The whistles also help David and Sarah find their way back to the camp. Chrissie gets fed up following Simon so she 'talks' to Gerry and Melissa and tells them they're going in the wrong directions and don't need their help and she and Simon head back. Harry and Lucy find chalk arrows on the ground and follow them back to the camp. Chrissie and Simon get back in the canoe and sleep, Chrissie realizes she got what she always wanted, time alone with Simon, only not in the circumstances they're in. David, who is to excited to sleep, goes for a walk and comes face to face with the same lights Sarah saw and says he is ready. Tape stops (end episode)

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  • Release Date: 2002-04-26
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 25