The Adventure Of Francie & Josie

The Adventure Of Francie & Josie: Season 2, Episode 13

Unbelieveable. But it's true. Josie goes job hunting with Francie's Cockney cousin.They land up in a deserted Scottish island with the strange and sinister Dr Yes their employer. Dr Yes has perfected Robots to take over the work of human beings. What has he in store for them? Here's a recollection from forum member Jim Doyle...(and then finding the robots were going to be used to do everyone's work which alarmed them because as Francie said 'That means they would cut our buroo money'. They then sabotaged the robots circuits so that they spoke in broad Glasgow accents and were disobedient. When Dr Yes orders one of the female robots to kill Francie, she says 'Away ye go ya silly lookin' big scunner'.

  • Rikki Fulton
  • Stan Mars
Seasons: 1 2 3
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  • Release Date: 1962-10-26
  • Language: en