The Adventure Of Francie & Josie

The Adventure Of Francie & Josie: Season 3, Episode 3

Two young Edinburgh actresses Elizabeth Carney and Rosemary Davy,appear as a couple of cute Danish au pair girls,Ingrid and Hedy,"A couple of stoaters" is how Francie and Josie describe them,when they meet up with the girls in a railway compartment travelling to Glasgow. Glen Michael and Clem ashby play the girls bearded Danish naval officer friends,Elrich and Ulrich,while ethel scott and Alice Dalehave their accustomed roles of Lizzie and Isa,the long suffering lassies so used to being "stood up" by Francie and Josie.

  • Rikki Fulton
  • Stan Mars
Seasons: 1 2 3
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  • Release Date: 1962-10-26
  • Language: en